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ShineWizard Plus - The Ultimate Car Bike Polish Solution

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ShineWizard Plus - The Ultimate Car Bike Polish Solution

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Unleash the Power of Shine with our All-in-One Car/Bike Polish Spray - Instant Shine, Lasting Impact!


  1. Unmatched Shine Power: Prepare to be dazzled as our ShineWizard spray effortlessly transforms your car or bike, granting it a captivating, mirror-like shine that is sure to turn heads.

  1. Time-Saving Marvel: Bid farewell to laborious polishing routines. With our innovative formula, you can accomplish all your polishing needs in record time, allowing you to enjoy your gleaming vehicle sooner.

  2. Lasting Brilliance: Our cutting-edge blend guarantees a long-lasting shine, ensuring that your car or bike remains luminous and pristine for an extended period, sparing you the hassle of frequent touch-ups.

  1. Simplicity at Its Finest: Our user-friendly spray requires no buffing or rubbing. Just a gentle application with a microfiber cloth is all it takes to unleash the shine and protection your vehicle deserves.

  2. Multipurpose Wonder: ShineWizard works wonders on various surfaces, including dashboards, bumpers, chrome accents, exteriors, headlights, leather, and windscreens. Experience its versatile prowess firsthand!


  1. Shake the ShineWizard bottle vigorously before use to activate its transformative power.

  2. Ensure your vehicle is clean and dry. If necessary, give it a gentle wash and allow ample drying time before proceeding.

  3. Apply a small amount of ShineWizard onto a clean, soft cloth and gently spread it across the desired areas. No need to exert excessive force or effort.

  4. Allow the product to bond with your vehicle for 20-30 minutes, enabling it to work its magic and enhance the shine to its fullest potential.

  5. Once the bonding time has elapsed, gently rub or buff the area in a circular motion with a microfiber cloth until the polish seamlessly disappears, revealing a captivating, lustrous finish.

Suitable For:

The ShineWizard spray is suitable for an array of surfaces, including dashboards, bumpers, chrome accents, exteriors, headlights, leather, and windscreens. Let its transformative capabilities elevate every facet of your vehicle.

Experience the brilliance of our Car/Bike ShineWizard and unlock a new level of shine and protection for your prized possessions. Get yours today and witness the captivating radiance it bestows upon your car or bike with minimal effort and maximum impact!



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