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COMBO "CocoGrate + VadaMaster + SteelSip + CocoOpen + CitrusExtract"

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COMBO "CocoGrate + VadaMaster + SteelSip + CocoOpen + CitrusExtract"



A coconut scraper is a kitchen tool used to grate the flesh of a coconut from its hard shell. It typically consists of a handle and a serrated blade or grating surface. By scraping the blade against the coconut flesh, it can be grated into fine shreds or flakes. The grated coconut is used in various dishes and recipes for its unique flavourĀ and texture.



A citrus juicer blade is a sharp, serrated component that cuts and squeezes citrus fruits to extract juice.



A Mendu Vada maker typically consists of a cylindrical container with a handle on one end and a small opening on the other end. The container is filled with the urad dal batter, and when the handle is pressed, the batter is extruded through the opening, giving it the desired donut shape.


A coconut opener, also known as a coconut tool or coconut knife, is a specialized tool designed to open coconuts. Coconuts have a tough outer husk and a hard inner shell, which can be difficult to crack open without the right tool. A coconut opener typically consists of a sturdy handle and a sharp, curved blade.

SEE INSIDE Premium Coconut Opener Stainless Steel Drill Cutter with Cleaner Stick Straight PeelerSTAINLESSĀ STEEL STRAW

A stainless steel straw is a reusable straw made from stainless steel, a durable and corrosion-resistant material. It is an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws, which can contribute to plastic pollution.

Stainless steel straws are typically designed with a long, tubular shape similar to traditional plastic straws. They come in various sizes, such as regular or cocktail length, and may have different diameters to accommodate different beverages.

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